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About us

About Hostelling International Norway



Article 4 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Hostelling International

About HI Norway

Hostelling International Norway (HI Norway) is a network that unites hostels from all over Norway, and is proudly part of the worldwide organisation Hostelling International.

HI Norway is the umbrella organisation for over 50 hostels all over Norway. What unites us, is our common goal: To be much more than just a place to stay.

As a nonprofit membership organisation, we have a long and proud history. From the day our very first hostel opened its doors in Trondheim in the 1930’s, we have had our very own philosophy. Our hostels, that are now to be found across the whole country, from the North Cape region to the gentle southern shore, have become places to meet people from all over Norway, and all over the world.

Our mission is to provide affordable and qualitative accomodation and activities to members from abroad and from Norway, to create experiences and interaction between travellers, as to promote better understanding between different people and their cultures.

Our organisation has no political or religious affiliation. Being a nonprofit organisation, we use our income to reach our goals. We have different projects that illustrate our commitments. The last couple of years, we have focussed on green travelling and sustainability, for example with our project around the promotion of electric cars. Our hostels have always tried to link ‘the world out there’ with the local community, and every year we organise a range of cultural and social activities for both travellers and the neighbours. Most recently, some of our hostels have opened their doors to welcome refugees from the Middle East.

HI Norway is a membership organisation that builds on both personal membership, and membership for companies and organisations. Everybody’s welcome to join the club, regardless of age, cultural or religious background. With a membership, you can enjoy our membership benefits, both in Norway and in the rest of the world.

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About Hostelling International

HI Norway is a proud member of Hostelling International (HI), a global network of more than 4000 hostels worldwide. Because of HI’s focus on intercultural contact, we are recognised by UNESCO as an nonprofit organisation. With our 4 million members, we are one of the world’s largest membership-based and youth organisations.

Hostelling International (HI) is a non-governmental and nonprofit organisation that represent hostelling organisations in 89 countries in all parts of the globe. Together, we are:

  • 4 million members
  • 69 member associations
  • 3 associate organisations
  • Licensed hostels in 23 countries
  • Around 35 million overnights per year
  • 330 000 beds

Hostelling International was founded in 1932 and has its main office in London. We are recognised by UNESCO (United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and have been an Affiliate Member of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) since 2014.

HI Norway has since many years been one of Hostelling International’s most succesful member organisations. When it comes to the total number of overnights, Norway has been on the fifth place worldwide (after the USA, France, Iceland and the UK). In 2014, two of our hostels were voted among the ten best hostels in the world: Oslo Hostel Central and Flåm Hostel!

“As passionate guardians of the youth hostelling movement since its creation over one hundred years ago we are committed to communicating the benefits of worldwide youth travel and the values of Hostelling International for the next hundred years and beyond.”

Angela Braasch-Eggert, HI President


Become a member?

If you become a member of Hostelling International Norway, we have a lot to offer you. You save money each time you book, and at the same time you support a nonprofit organization with a long history. Become a member, and enjoy everything we have to offer you!

membership at Hostelling International has many benefits to offer. That is why we have over 4 million members worldwide. If you join as well, we will give you 10% reduction at all of our hostels in Norway, each time you book. Our lovely hosts give you a warm welcome all year round. As well, you get access to all our HI-hostels all over the world (in over 90 countries!) at the best rates and availability.

You don’t pay any booking fees, and you can manage your bookings online with My Page. We give you first hand notice on special offers and actions. In addition to our standard membership reductions, there are countries that offer even more reductions, for example on transport and travel gear. These reductions you can also enjoy with your Norwegian membership, if you’re travelling to these countries!

Do you want to support our project, and at the same time save money and enjoy all the benefits we can offer you? Go to our website and register as a member, and we’ll be happy to welcome you in our organization!


About our volunteering projects

Our hostels are more than just a place to stay. HI Norway believes that travel through hostelling creates profound and lasting personal impact. We aim to provide opportunities for guests to interact with one another. That’s also why we have established a social volunteering programme.

Hostel vibes depends on everything from the layout of a hostel to the interaction of staff with guests. Several of our hostels in Western Norway have created a programme of social volunteering to promote this interaction. How it works? We invite enthousiastic people from all over the world and give them the opportunity to stay and volunteer in one of our hostels during a designated period.

Our social volunteers are travelers themselves, and provide opportunities for increased interaction between the travelers staying at the hostel, in such ways as using common space to promote guest interaction, facilitating activities open to all guests and organizing social events within and outside the hostel. The activities are designed with the explicit focus of promoting intercultural understanding.

Also at our Haraldsheim Hostel in Oslo and at the main office of HI Norway, we have been welcoming volunteers since 2015. They are participating in the EVS-project (European Volunteering System), and are staying for 10 months. They help us with organizing activities and with creating our social media strategy. Read more about there experiences here. Also at our other hostels you might meet some volunteers, as we have collaborative projects with various other organisations both in Norway and abroad.

By social volunteering it is possible to promote the mission and connect social volunteers and travelers/guests with one another and the local community. That way, both guests and volunteers will gain a means to reflect on the different communities and develop a greater appreciation for diverse people, cultures and societies.

Read more about our social volunteering programme in Western Norway.

Read more about our EVS programme in Oslo.


About the webpage

This website aims to advertise all the hostels that are connected to Hostelling International Norway.

Hostelling International Norway is responsible for developing website design and content and owns the full rights to these.

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If somebody wishes to use information or pictures from the website, please send an email

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