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2017: UN Year of Sustainable Tourism

2017: UN Year of Sustainable Tourism


Tourism is becoming one of the main engines of economy, and as much as 8 percent of the globe's workforce is actually employed in the tourism business. Tourism has the chance to get millions of people out of poverty and create a smaller world in many senses - bus is also a major force behind carbon emissions due to increased air travel. Because of that, the United Nations 70th Assembly has designated 2017 as theInternational Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Using tourism as a main promoting key, they want to create a guideline to raise awareness about the impact of tourism on nature and on communities. UN‘s aim this year is to promote tourism as a tool to increase inclusive and sustainable economic growth for countries. It is also critical for social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction, especially for developing countries. But not only. We can fight climate change as travelers being conscious about the footprint we leave behind. Going from one country to another, traveling makes you realize about cultural diversity and cultural heritage and values that we all share. It helps us learn mutual understanding, peace and security.



What is Hostelling International doing? 

As a non-profit organization, Hostelling International has been practicing sustainable tourism for almost 100 years. In 1932, the organization already defined its strategy for promoting green thinking among its guests. “Since I started to work for HI Hostels I realized that we have already defined very well our sustainable police many years ago. 2017 will give us a perfect opportunity to contribute and support what Hostelling means”, says Brianda López, Sustainability Manager at HI Hostels main office in London. Throughout 2017, there will be lots of activities and events happening in hostels all over the world, including Earth Hour celebrations, the annual "Sleep for Peace" campaign and meetings between sustainability-conscious travelers from everywhere! 



HI Norway and the 2017 Year

HI Norway has already been working on many green and environmental projects. “We are looking forward to the 2017 UN International Year for Sustainable Tourism”, says Ragna Skøien, Sustainability Coordinator at Hostelling International Norway. The hostels are preparing lots of events to put more focus on how people can travel more sustainably - and be aware of the nature and culture in their destinations at the same time. Whether it's eating more local food or participating in activities that are not harming the local nature - 2017 will be a year of fun and green thinking!