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Grouptravel. Anywhere in the world.

As a member of Hostelling International Norway, you support a non-profit organization and save money every time you book accommodation at our HI hostels every time you book directly or through our channels.

From 500 kr kroner for a whole year

Our membership discount is 10% on the accommodation price when you book via our channels - and direct inquiries. Be aware that a number of countries offer even more membership benefits. You are of course entitled to these discounts with your "Norwegian" HI membership.

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How does it work?

Becoming a member is easy, here we will show you the baby steps towards you becoming a HI member

Step 1: fill out the online registration form on behalf of your group
Step 2: You will receive a digital groupmembership card by email
Step 3: you can now use your digital membership for booking any HI hostel
How to book? Provide the selected hostel with your groupmembership card number when booking accomodation
Support: our team is ready to help. contact us at
Information about your membership? contact us at and provide us with your membership number
what`s the perks? 10% discount on any booking at any HI hostel
Thank you for supporting a non-profit organization which works on suistainable traveling
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Ready for adventure?

It`s easy to become a member of HI Norway. Follow the membership button and become a member in no time. It`s an easy online-registration form.

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