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As a member of Hostelling International Norway, you support a non-profit organization and save money every time you book accommodation at our HI hostels every time you book directly or through our channels.

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10% accomodation discount for groups

From 500 kr kroner for a whole year, your group gets 10% on the accommodation price when you book via our channels - and direct inquiries. Be aware that a number of countries offer even more membership benefits. You are of course entitled to these discounts with your "Norwegian" HI membership.

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How does it work?

Becoming a member is easy, here we will show you the baby steps towards you becoming a HI member

Step 1: The groups contact person registers for a member account. Existing members can also upgrade to a group membership.
Step 2: When purchasing a subscription, make sure to select one of our group packages.
Step 3: Your digital member card is now valid for the group together with the contact person at any of our hostels.
Need help? Contact us at, and we will help you promptly.
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It`s easy to become a member of HI Norway. Follow the membership button and become a member in no time. It`s an easy online-registration form.

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